OYT-Oversized Double Blade Single Head Saw

Aluminum alloy has a wide application prospect in aerospace components, such as high strength aluminum alloy thick plate as the main bearing member, which accounts for 30%~35% of the total aluminum consumption on the aircraft. At present, the main aluminum alloy materials used in aviation civil aircraft are: aluminum alloy castings, aluminum alloy forgings, large section aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, aluminum alloy thick plates and so on.
The quality of aluminum alloy parts accounts for 65%~75% of the total quality of regional passenger aircraft ARJ21-700 and C919 large passenger aircraft with independent intellectual property rights in China. The extruded profile plate made of high strength aluminum alloy accounts for 30-35% of the total aluminum consumption of aircraft.
According to the plan, by 2018, more than 30% the aluminum alloy materials used in ARJ21 regional passenger aircraft and C919 large aircraft will be made of domestic aluminum. The proportion of domestic materials used in China’s large aircraft C919 is only 5~6, and the investment ratio of aluminum alloy in the aircraft market will increase qualitatively in recent years.
The analysis predicts that between 2014 and 2023, the annual growth rate of global air passenger traffic will reach 4.7 percent, the new passenger and cargo aircraft will reach 19000, the low fuel available aircraft will be decommissioned, replaced by new aircraft, and the global market demand for new wide passenger and cargo aircraft will reach about 9300. According to the number of aircraft, the total number of new aircraft in the same period is 30. The number of aircraft in the world is expected to increase by 1 percent, with Asia growing 35 percent.
According to the forecast of China Aviation Industry Group, by 2025, China’s air transport aircraft will have 3900 aircraft, including 2000 large passenger aircraft.
China’s aviation manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development. At present, the production of private aircraft, civil aviation and large aircraft has increased year by year, and the market scale of aviation aluminum materials will be increase in recent years.

Post time: Nov-16-2020